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Frequently Asked Questions

What is airbrush tanning?

Airbrush tanning gives you a beautiful natural-looking golden tan without the long term skin damage associated with UV exposure. It is NOT the same as Mystic Tan or booth spray tanning. Airbrush tanning won't leave drips or streaks or give you an orange tan. A micro-fine mist is evenly applied over your whole body by a certified technician who will personalize your tan.

How does airbrush tanning work?

The sunless spray solution contains dihydroxyacetone (DHA) as well as a cosmetic bronzer that gives you an instant tan. DHA is a sugarcane derivative that is UV free, natural, healthy, safe, and has been FDA approved for 30 years. DHA reacts with amino acids in the outer layer of your skin and this harmless reaction develops a natural bronzed tan. The tan fades similar to a natural suntan over the course of 7-10 days.

How long is a tanning session?

Upon arrival at your home or other location we will take about 5 minutes to set up for your tanning session. A custom airbrush tan usually takes about 20 - 30 minutes per person.

Where do I get my tan?

We will come to your home and set up our mobile spray tan tent wherever you choose. The tent easily pops up in your desired location. It is private, sanitary, and perfect for applying your airbrush tan. We can set up in your bathroom, bedroom, office, kitchen, garage . . . basically anywhere. The only requirement is an accessible electrical outlet.

How long does an airbrush tan last?

Your tan will last from 7 to 10 days depending on how you care for your skin. It is recommended that you moisturize daily starting the day after you get your tan. This will help to extend the life of your tan. We carry a moisturizing tan extender that does the job perfectly.

How should I prepare for my tanning session?

Please see our Tips page for information on preparing for your tan and caring for your tan after your session.

What should I wear for my tanning session?

You can wear whatever you are most comfortable in to receive your tan. Many people choose to be nude, but wearing underwear or a bathing suit works fine as well. Note that men must wear an undergarment or bathing suit for their session.

Does an airbrush tan look natural?

In a word, Absolutely! Our solution looks completely natural and has no orange tint like you have seen with other synthetic tans. You will immediately be ready to show off your new golden glow. After your session, the solution continues to react with your skin and enhance your natural beauty for approximately 6-8 hours.

Will the bronzer in your solution stain?

The solution will not stain most fabrics and will easily wash out in the washing machine. However, it is a good idea to wear darker, loose-fitting clothing until you wash the bronzer off at your first shower.

Is airbrush tanning safe for pregnant women or nursing mothers?

There are no studies that confirm that DHA is dangerous during pregnancy. Many health care providers encourage women to wait until after the first trimester, to be safe. We request that you obtain permission from your physician before receiving a spray tan.

DHA is only approved by the FDA for external application. It is not known whether it is safe for your baby to ingest or not. Because of this, all nursing mothers must cover their nipples during their tanning session.

How is airbrush tanning better than Mystic Tan or tanning beds?

Airbrush tanning mist is personally applied by a trained technician who will give you the most even coverage possible. Spray tan booths are a "one tan fits all" solution which can result in horrible streaking, overspray, and terrible coloring. Tanning beds expose you to UV rays which can cause skin cancer, malignant melanoma and other health problems. Read about the dangers of UV rays at the EPA.

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